Microblading is permanent make-up for your eyebrows, The effect of individual hair strokes is achieved using tiny micro-needles by hand. Results are beautifully defined, ultra-realistic natural looking hairs and perfectly balanced brows, 

Results last 12-18 months

Two session required, top up included in price.


Sombré Brows

Sombré brows is a permanent make-up technique. The look achieved is that of a natural looking beautiful brow through the use of one pigment to achieve shadow gradation. Brows start lighter at the inner brow and gradually intensify to a more defined arch and tail. This treatment is carried out using a specialist pmu machine.

SOMBRÉ: £350

Ombré Brows

A permanent shading technique creating a powdered finish to add colour, definition a depth. Ombré results are more intense compared to the Sombré and would suit that of a more heavier make-up wearer. A top-up is required 4-6 weeks after first session.

Results last up to 3 years.


Combination Brows

For clients who prefer the look of hairstrokes at the inner brow, but with a more defined tail and arch, combination brows are the brows to opt for. Achieving hair strokes at the inner brow to mimic natural hair growth, shading is then added to the remaining 2/3rds of the brow to achieve a natural soft powder effect.


Colour Boost

To maintain a crisp and defined a colour boost session (top up) is included in your initial treatment plan 4-6 week following your initial treatment. Thereafter we recommend yearly colour boosts approximately 12 months after your permanemnt eyebrow treatment. 

Fading differs in each person due to various factors, skin type, skin regeneration & UV exposure. Full treatment price will apply to clients with no remaining colour.

1 YEAR: £150

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