• Total eyebrow redesign

  • Ideal to fill in gaps & scars (including men)

  • Perfect solution for over-plucked, uneven, patchy brows

  • Create your ideal brow shape & thickness

  • Ultimate high definition grooming

  • Brow balance & symmetry

  • Creates an instant lifting effect

  • Results can last up to 3 years

  • Realistic & crisp results 



Patch Test  You are required to carry out a patch test 24-48 hours prior to your treatment to ensure your suitability to the pigments. A patch test kit with instructions will be posted to you.


Consultation  A detailed consultation, where we will talk extensively about your desired outcome, taking into account any of your concerns. You will be given advice on the best design & shape for your face. Once we have a clear concept, we will begin the most important stage of the procedure: the design, only when you are 100% happy with the outlined shape & we have agreed the perfect colour will we start adding pigment.


Procedure For Microblading treatments hairstrokes are intricately drawn with a hand-held tool. The needles are extremely thin, resulting in fine, clean, crisp looking hairs identical to natural hairs. You can expect the immediate results to look 10-40% darker than the selected colour, this will soften & lighten as the natural flaking process occurs, and some redness is also normal. For Sombré & Ombré treatment, a special tattoo make-up machine is use. Correct aftercare is crucial to your final look, you will be given an aftercare kit & instructions to assist in achieving the best results possible.



Microblading, Sombré & Ombré is the beginning of a brow journey, and your results are highly affected by your aftercare. Please thoroughly read the aftercare section and consider your commitment especially for the first 10 - 14 days. Microblading brows go through several phases whilst healing, the key is patience and no touching!


It is advisable to book your first Microblading appointment well in advance (3-4 months) of holidays & special occasions, to allow plenty of time for healing of both your initial treatment and the Colour Re-Boost top-up 4 - 6 weeks after.


It is important to remember everyone will heal differently, colour retention and overall results are as individual as you. There are many variable factors such as sun exposure, age, skin type & tone, lifestyle, and of course your commitment to abide by the advised aftercare.


DAY 1   

Colour can appear 10-40% darker and bolder than healed results, there may be some skin redness, it may feel somewhat like sunburn but any discomfort should be minimal. Some residual swelling is normal. In some cases blanching (whiteness around the treatment area) may occur.


DAY 2-4

The pigment will oxidise and darken, becoming more filled in as they form a thin film/scab, do not touch! The area may appear uneven, dry, itchy, tender, red or irritated but this is all normal.


DAY 5-12

The film/scab will naturally flake away over several days, the skin beneath is white with a waxy coating. It may look like the brows/hairstrokes are light or possibly non-existent. The natural exfoliation process will not fall evenly. It is normal for your colour to look weak, grey, pink or orangey whilst the skin regenerates.


DAY 10-30

Pigment will slowly re-surface as your skin regenerates and the white skin will settle. After at least 4-6 weeks will you see your eyebrows true colour.


DAY 42-84

Ensure you book your top-up appointment 4 - 6 weeks after your first treatment. We will tighten up your shape, add any missing strokes, and intensify colour if required. Brows really look ‘finished’ after the healing of the top up appointmen. If you decide to change to/from hairstrokes to ombre or make shape changes on your follow-up appointment you will be charged accordingly, and may also require a supplementary session




  • Pregnancy

  • Nursing mothers

  • Live facial cold sores

  • Very oily skin

  • Very large pores on the forehead

  • Allergy to lidocaine

  • Any blood thinning medication (treatable with a doctor's note)

  • Tanned/Frostbitten skin (treatable 4 weeks before or after)

  • Skin Irritation/disease in the brow area

  • On keloids, unusual scars, birthmarks, or moles

  • Straight after hair removal (treatable 3 days after)

  • After strong skin treatments i.e. chemical peels, dermabrasion (treatable after 4 weeks)

  • After botox or mesotherapy (treatable after 2 months)

  • If you are taking strong antibiotics or retinoids i.e. accutane, isotretinoin (treatable after 12 months clear of medication)

  • Diabetics (insulin dependant)

  • Highly sensitivity/very low pain threshold

  • Nickel, pigment /dye allergies


  • Gently wipe any seeping fluid every 20 mins after your treatment using a cotton pad and water, for the first few hours following your treatment

  • It is VERY important to keep your brow area completely dry for 7-14 days after treatment

  • Take care when washing your hair

  • Limit the time spent in the shower avoid using very hot water and creating steam or unwanted moisture on your face.  It s recommended to use a shower cap over your forehead & eyebrows

  • Do not scratch, pick, touch or sleep on the area for 2 weeks

  • If you have oily skin, disinfect the area with a cotton pad & saline solution 2-4 times a day, or more often is very oily over the first 7 days

  • Do not use any makeup on the area for 2 weeks after treatment

  • No excessive sweating for 2 weeks after treatment i.e. steam, saunas, exercise

  • No sunbathing, solarium or fake tan for 4 weeks after treatment

  • No strong treatments i.e. peels, dermabrasion, botox, tinting or mesotherapy for 4 weeks after treatment



Am I suitable for a Permanent Brow Treatment?

There are various pre-existing conditions that are untreatable, however there are some instances, given an allocated time lapse treatment can be performed thereafter. Please refer to ‘Prohibiting Conditions’ section for a full list.


Will I feel any discomfort?

Sensation varies for everyone, dependant on your pain threshold. Localised skin numbing can be included into the treatment to ease any discomfort, but is not always advisable.


How long do the results last?

Results vary to each individual, dependant on skin type and how well your skin holds pigment. Average results last 12 - 18 months, and Colour Re-Boost treatments are advisable to help prolong your results.


Are there forms to complete?

A thorough consultation will start off the procedure where we will complete forms including medical information, discuss treatment steps, patch test results, eyebrow shapes and colour and your consent to treatment.


What happens to my existing eyebrows?

The aim is to preserve as much of your natural brow hair as possible. Only hairs outside of the new eyebrow shape will be removed during treatment.


Are there any restrictions to my beauty regime?

It is vital to your final brow look that you follow the Aftercare protocol using the kit that will be provided to you after your treatment. Once the healing process is complete the only difference you will notice to your beauty regime is waking up to perfect eyebrows that requires little to no enhancement, saving you time and money! Brow hair will continue to grow as normal.


Why do I need a Colour Re-Boost?

A Colour Re-Boost top-up treatment is included within the treatment price subject to you booking between 4 - 12 weeks after your first treatment (fees will apply thereafter). The top-up treatment is to fill in any missing hairs, make hairs longer and to achieve more depth of colour.  It is recommended to have an Colour Re-Boost anytime between 8 - 12 months after your first session to keep brows looking crisp & fresh, and to prolong the longevity of your results.  



For all Permanent Treatments please check for any 'Prohibiting Conditions', this is to insure your suitability. If any conditions are applicable to you please get in touch. You will also be required to have a patch test 24-48 hours prior to treatment.


To book your appointment please send an email to Zoe, ensuring you book well in advance to reserve your preferable appointment time and date.


In order to secure your booking a strict non-refundable booking fee of £50 will be chargeable, this is due to the time & preparation allocated to these treatments. 




We operate a strict 72 hour Cancellations & Re-scheduling notice policy for Permanent Make Up services. If you reschedule or cancel your appointment with the required notice there will be no charge applied.


If the specified notice is not given or the appointment is missed a £50 fee will be chargeable

For bookings & enquiries please get in touch.

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